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Profiles & Interviews
On the long road with Vanessa Renwick [Oregon ArtsWatch, April 2013]
Long Gone Blonde: Bogie's Mayo Methot [Portland Monthly, November 2011]
Gus Van Sant, James Franco and re-cutting "Idaho" [Oregon ArtsWatch, September 2011]
Cinematic Titanic [The Oregonian, May 2009]
Nick Peterson [The Oregonian, April 2006]
The Cinema Project [The Oregonian, April 2006]
Gus Van Sant [The Oregonian, March 2006]
Lucas Black [Men's Fitness, December 2005]
Gus Van Sant [Radar, July 2005]
Chiwetel Ejiofor [Salon, March 2005]
Danny Boyle [Salon, March 2005]
Joshua Marston, Catalina Sandino Moreno [Willamette Week, August 2004]
Nick Peterson [Willamette Week, May 2004]
Nathaniel Kahn [Willamette Week, March 2004]
Fernando Mereilles [Salon, January 2004]
Denys Arcand [Willamette Week, December 2003]
Michael Palin [Salon, May 2003]
Sofia Coppola [Salon, September 2003]
Eli Roth [Christian Science Monitor, September 2003]
Stephen Frears [Christian Science Monitor, August 2003]
Claire Denis [Christian Science Monitor, May 2003]
Gus Van Sant [Christian Science Monitor, February 2003]
Spike Jonze, Charlie Kaufmann, Nicolas Cage [Christian Science Monitor, December 2002]
Todd Haynes [Christian Science Monitor, November 2002]
archipelago [Willamette Week, July 2002]
Charlotte Rampling [Salon, January 2002]
David Lynch [Salon, November 2001]
Matt McCormick [SOMA, August 2001]
Bill Brown [Willamette Week, May 2000]

Essays & Features
River and Elliott [Oregon ArtsWatch, November 2018]
Peripheral Produce: Local Cut [Oregon ArtsWatch, August 2012]
Subversion with a Smile: the PDX Fest [Willamette Week, March 2005]
Are you talking to me -- again?? [Salon, January 2005]
"Lost In Translation" Tourism in Tokyo [Premiere, July/August 2004]
Field Report: Portland, Oregon [Independent Film & Video Monthly, June 2004]
High school film teachers reel in their students [Christian Science Monitor, January 2004]
The three Mississippi teens who remade "Raiders of the Lost Ark" [Premiere, August 2003]
The films of Eric Rohmer [Willamette Week, March 2001]
The films of Michelangelo Antonioni [Willamette Week, December 2000]

Kurosawa's "Sanshiro Sugata" [Bright Lights Film Journal, August 2010]
Looney Tunes Golden Collection DVD [The Oregonian, December 2006]
Eric Rohmer's "Six Moral Tales" DVD box set [The Oregonian, September 2006]
"Le Samourai" DVD [Willamette Week, November 2005]
"Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith" [Willamette Week, May 2005]
"Top Gun" DVD [Willamette Week, March 2005]
"The Story of the Weeping Camel" [Willamette Week, May 2004]
"Mayor of the Sunset Strip" [Willamette Week, May 2004]
"The Fog of War" [Willamette Week, January 2004]
"A Woman Is a Woman" [Willamette Week, September 2003]
"Winged Migration" [Willamette Week, August 2003]
"Confessions of a Dangerous Mind" [Willamette Week, January 2003]
"Naqoyqatsi" [Willamette Week, October 2003]
"Punch Drunk Love" [Willamette Week, October 2002]
"Read My Lips" [Willamette Week, August 2002]
"Full Frontal" [Willamette Week, July 2002]
"Star Wars" [Salon, May 2002]
"Code Unknown" [Willamette Week, May 2002]
"2001: A Space Odyssey" [Salon, March 2002]
"What Time Is It There?" [Willamette Week, March 2002]
"Band of Outsiders" [Willamette Week, December 2001]
"Waking Life" [Willamette Week, November 2001]
"Mulholland Drive" [Willamette Week, October 2001]
"A.I. Artificial Intelligence" [Willamette Week, June 2001]
"Pearl Harbor" [Willamette Week, May 2001]
"In the Mood for Love" [Willamette Week, February 2001]
"O Brother, Where Art Thou?" [Willamette Week, January 2001]
"Rififi" [Willamette Week, August 2000]
"Beau Travail" [Willamette Week, August 2000]
"Blood Simple" [Willamette Week, July 2000]
"The Filth and the Fury" [Willamette Week, May 2000]